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P.S. All of you got me listed on the sites below and a “”Mysterious”” person too!

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I wish the best to you and yours always.

Gary Joseph Ayala


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Knowledge should be freely shared to Musical Artist

I am welcoming all Social groups on the internet who would like to share positive knowledge with musicians and myself for people who are trying to learn about the music industry but are running into brick walls.

First I will be contributing my secrets to all musicians interested who are have difficulty getting there music recorded due to high cost and other challenges that come before them. I will be sharing freely meaning "NO COST" at least how I did my "Selena Rose" project in the hopes that they too can fulfill there dream as I was able to. So in short I am looking for content for them. Plus I will be posting additional Blogs on mixing and mastering and putting a musical project together for close to nothing. Some of these topic I have learned like mastering music are the greatest secrets of all. Most people don't know about the tools that are out there and most are for free especially marketing there work to the masses.

Please note this is my first message so it might not be correct in delivery.

I wish the best to you and yours always.

Gary Joseph Ayala

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